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Once lived a man in a small small house
He ran in circles like a mechanical mouse

He was
Afraid of wind
Afraid of cars
Afraid of satellites
And afraid of stars

When day bled away there’s no way to know
Curtains just hung there like a giant crow
The television pulsed a boring blue light
He huddle next to it from morning to night

Afraid of kettles
Afraid of cracks
Afraid of firemen
With a wooden axe

In the little room was a small wooden clock
That sat there mute, neither ticked nor tocked
Its skeleton rattled with broken teeth, but he
Rocked in its place on the sides of his feet

Afraid to sit
Afraid to run
Afraid of saucers
Afraid of guns
Afraid of eagles
Afraid of caskets
Afraid of flowers
In funeral baskets

Swing a red cigarette toward his dreary face
Around fall the ashes all over the place
Swing a red cigarette along the wire brace
Around fall ashes all over the place

Afraid of bells
Afraid of phones
Afraid of boxes
Afraid of bones
Afraid of hammers
Afraid of spoons
Afraid of antennas
Afraid of brooms
Afraid of razors
Afraid of blocks
Afraid their laughing
Through the door lock

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