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Notes: strategies on life-coaching (A)

Four neural pathways for strengthening memory
(Altering “I am” positive affirmations” into “I will” actions)

  1. Do these following actions once/twice+ per day
  2. Let your body repose into a calm and quiet state
  3. Till your mind is blank and then begin to visualize
  4. How to you wish to treat yourself and others on this day
  5. What are specific goals you wish to achieve
  6. Thread the visions with love, forgiveness and courage
  7. Next, speak these things out loud several times
  8. If you have time, write these down, pin them to a wall
  9. Finally, the fourth pathway is doing these actions
  10. Visualize, speech, writing, action.

Change the “I am a creative person” into “I will work on a poem today”

Image: Doctor Pink, © 2019 original artwork by Morningstar, digital print of an aluminum etching. Print designed by Thomas Yarbrough. Etching by Thomas Yarbrough.

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